Fooled By The Internet

11059840_10103669430658574_6355281637509414202_nFooled by Pinterest once again. Update your bathtub in 4 easy steps they said.  Just scrape off the old caulk with a screwdriver they said.

When I was giving Julian a bath I had noticed that a portion of the caulk was separating from the tub.  So I decided to do some research online and after reading some tips I decided to tackle the project before mold started growing in the dry wall.

I had it planned brilliantly in my head.  Saturday night after my shower I would scrape off the old caulk with a screwdriver and spray the space with bleach.  Let it dry overnight.  And then Sunday morning I would caulk the tub and the job would be done.  Only it didn’t happen that way.

Saturday night I took my shower and then began to scrape the caulk with the screwdriver but it didn’t budge.  I maybe got a one inch piece off.  So I began doing some more research and it recommended using a spray to soften the caulk.  So Sunday morning while Dueber was at work Julian and I headed over to the hardware store.  I bought the spray and this cool little tool.  I sprayed the tub and waited for Julian to take his nap to start scraping.  And then this happened…


After some intense scraping using blades, screwdrivers, and new tool I finally removed all of the caulk.  I sprayed the tub with bleach and let it dry overnight.  The next day I caulked the tub and while it looks a little scary at least no water will be seeping into the walls.