Why Do I Paint?

Home improvement projects are in my blood. Only I suck at them. My parents have been doing home improvement projects my whole life. One year we tore out wallpaper as a family from nearly every room in the house and painted the walls. They would build decks and refinish the basement. I think they have a project every weekend. So you would think when I got my own home I would be a little better prepared.

But nope. Case in point: our main bathroom. 4 years ago when my husband and I bought our home the bathroom was completely white including the floor. Made me feel crazy. So we took the bucket of paint the previous homeowners left and painted the bathroom. It was a horrible job. Globs of paint everywhere, white showing through and paint on the ceiling.

Fast forward to yesterday and I had finally had enough of that crappy paint job. So I went to Target and bought supplies. And then I remembered why we did such a crappy job the first time around. I despise painting! But I pushed ahead and it turned out pretty decent.